This is an Edgio Application Performance Example

This Nextjs example leverages three APIs, an Edgio commerce example API for the Commerce page, as well as two OpenAPIs for movies: SampleApis and IMDbOT

Next.js with Edgio

Edgio supports all of the most powerful features of Next.js!

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Next.js Commerce with Edgio

It uses all of the latest Next.js features including image optimization, localization, and incremental static regeneration with stale-while-revalidate.

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Caching with Edgio

While most CDNs only cache content on your asset URLs, Edgio caches content on your page URLs using EdgeJS, allowing you to control caching within your application code.

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Edgio Prefetching

Edgio allows you to speed up the user’s browsing experience by prefetching pages and API calls that they are likely to need.

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